Dark Flame

Dark Flame is the best installment in this series yet, ending in a very shocking way that leaves high promise for the next book. The readers’ appetite will be whetted for more, the constant addictive craving Noel seems to infuse in every book continuing to guarantee her strong readership. Noel includes plenty of surprising twists, unexpected tie ins and histories, and never lets the reader know what else she has planned…leaving only a burning need for more.”-AGoodAddiction.com

Dark Flame, the 4th Immortals book by Alyson Noel is probably my favorite yet. I could definitely say that the theme has more of two parts. First, magic is not all it seems! And second, everything has it’s costs.  This wonderful work of fiction has 321 pages of pure joy.  Dark Flame is probably my favorite so far because it’s got a plot that will shock you.  I said that about the other books to but this I truly wasn’t expecting. Ever learns shocking things about her past, quite a few of which involve Jude. A new immortal is made while one is killed! Ever learns that magic is truly a bad idea, and she also learns the true meaning of love and that Damen is her true soul mate.

This book is probably best fro girls but boys might like it as well. Teenagers in general.

My overall response to this book was to race up stairs when I was finished and grab the next one from my shelf. That should tell you that I LOVED it! This is the best book I’ve read by Alyson Noel yet!

Would I recommend this book? Duh! It’s enthralling, and will have you reading for days straight to finish it. It’s got some really good lessons that I think everyone would do well to learn. I think the most important reason that you should read this book is because it shows you what people will do for love.

3 thoughts on “Dark Flame

  1. This sounds like a really cool book! I think I will want to check out the series. 🙂 Keep on reading!

  2. To me, it seems like you really like this author and the Immortal series. I hope you find some more books like this to continue to read for fun.

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