Day of Silence (April 15th)

Today is the Day of Silence. It’s a day where students everywhere take a vow of silence to stop  bullying, harassment, and to give rights to lesbians, gays, and bisexual people. It’s been kind of a tough day so far and it’s only 3rd period. People aren’t very supporting but that’s ok. By the end of the day people are probably going to think I’m lesbian! In a way it’s funny how people are all over helping Japan, and they think that slave trade is bad, and that people were so crule to treat blacks like that, but really we’re doing the same thing with people who are gay, lesbian, and bisexual. “My deliberate silence echoes that silence, which is caused by anti-LGBT bullying, name calling, and harassment. I believe that ending the silence is the first step toward building awareness and making a commitment to address these injustices. Think about the voices you are not hearing today. What are you going to do to end the silence?” (

It’s a blue highlighter on yellow paper!

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